PC-Aero Receives Lindbergh Prize


PC-Aero has won the Lindbergh Prize for Electric Aircraft Vision Award, at this year’s AirVenture, for the company’s integration of Solar World’s solar technology into its Elektra One aircraft and the aircraft’s supporting hangar. The prize-winning vision is that the energy generated from the hangar’s rooftop solar cells will not only provide power to the Elektra One, but the plane’s hangar as well, and still have enough energy to feed back into the power grid.The award followed LEAP’s decision to focus on a different aspect of electric aircraft propulsion by awarding a prize for Vision. The Vision Award focuses on innovation with a “vision” for integrated electric power for an aircraft and its supporting infrastructure. Erik Lindbergh, founder of LEAP, said, “The field is alive with novel approaches and rich in activity and experimentation. With continued intellectual and financial investments, great opportunity exists for technological advancements that could apply well beyond electric aircraft.”

For more information on LEAP, visit http://lindberghprize.org; for more on the Elektra One Aircraft, visit www.pc-aero.de.


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