Postcards from the World Championship Air Races in Reno

Reno security violation

As we stood along the rails today, a race security officer came along in a golf cart and, somewhat apologetically, told us that we couldn’t have anything including hands on the cement barriers. We chuckled at the thought that they would ever manage to keep the thousands of spectators from putting their hands or drinks on the barriers.

Shortly later, I noted his colleagues in the security detail violating the rule (along with half the people along the barrier). In his defense, he did say that an FAA official a couple of years ago insisted that no one be allowed to sit or lean on the K-rails as they might tip them over!

Taped up Cassutt ready for the next race. I have to wonder if they have done wind tunnel tests on this manner of taping up with duct tape?
Crew for race numbers 43 and 87 make up Team 130.



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