RANS Chaos and Sakota Aerobats Are Back


Due to popular demand, the RANS S-9 Chaos and S-10 Sakota midwing one- and two-place aerobatic kit aircraft are back in production, the company says. Deliveries will begin in June. The two kits were discontinued about a year ago, and will be offered in their original form. We are happy that the planes have commanded such strong response, says Randy Schlitter, RANS CEO, and will strive to supply the same top notch quality [customers] have come to expect in our kits. The original decision to discontinue production of the kits was made with mixed emotion, Schlitter says, because he has enjoyed many hours honing his aerobatic skills in the aircraft. Bringing them back brings us great joy, he said, and is a terrific testimony to the design and the loyalty of our customer base. For more information, visit RANS, Inc.


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