Alodine Sluice


Alodine is an excellent corrosion inhibitor plus it adds zero weight. I should have Alodined before assembly but didn’t care for the chemicals. AlumiPrep and Alodine are not environmentally friendly and handling the chemicals is always a concern. However, they are the best choice for a vinyl-wrapped plane. So the question is, how do you capture the chemicals and rinse water? The answer is a sluice.

Four pieces of conduit are attached to the door track supports with wire S-hook planter hangers. The part being treated with Alodine is attached to the chain.

You will need a shower curtain, four pieces of conduit, a large storage container, several bungees, and a clip with a weight. Disable the garage door opener as a precaution, then hang the four sections of conduit from the garage door tracks. One each across and one each from the inner tracks works pretty good. I used wire S-hook planter hangers from the door track supports. Secure them so they can’t fall. As you can see in the photo, they are really handy for all sorts of work like holding lights and hoses.

Steal the bathroom shower curtain, but you may want to buy a new one and replace it first. I keep old ones for just this sort of thing. They also make a great paint booth by hanging them from the conduit frame. Use various-length bungee cords to hang the curtain so one end is higher than the other. Place the container under the lower end and clip the weight on the edge of the sluice. Use chains slung over the conduit rails to support parts. You can slide the chains as needed to fit the parts. Now you’re set and all the nastiness will end up safely in the container.

When the job is done, leave the container in a safe place with a piece of screen over it so animals won’t fall in. When the water has evaporated, collect the remaining residue for disposal. Most cities have a hazmat disposal site. Remember to wear protective gear any time you handle these chemicals.

The shower curtain is held at an angle by bungee cords attached to the conduit frame. The vertical stabilizer is suspended from two chains.


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