Reno Air Race Rules Revised


On February 5, the Reno Air Racing Association approved new rules  
for the kit-based Sport class to be implemented this September. The  
changes open a new top class, to be called Super Sport, that should  
bring greater speeds to this popular division. According to RARA,  
the new class “…expands the opportunities at the front of the  
Class for faster more spectacular performances without compromise  
to the attention given those aircraft more representative of kit  
planes built and flown for broader purpose.”

Currently, the top Sport class racers’ engines are limited to 650  
cubic inches and can be super- or turbocharged. But the new Super  
Sport category will allow engines up to 1000 cubic inches’  
displacement, with a turbo- or supercharger, as well as the use of  
nitrous oxide and anti-detonation injection (with no limit on the  
percentage of alcohol in the ADI fluid) that is currently outlawed  
in the Sport class. Maximum weight for all Sport classes is “less  
than 4500 pounds”; there was no weight limit before.

Both the Super Sport and the existing Sport classes must use  
airframes based on production Experimental/Amateur-Built kits. In  
order to be eligible to race, a minimum of five examples of any  
design must have been delivered, including the prototype.

“Super Sport will allow faster speeds,” class vice president Mike  
Jones said, “while opening up sponsorship opportunities for the  
competitors in Sport Gold and Sport Silver.” The Sport Bronze race  
has been eliminated. A 28-plane field (24 racers with four  
alternates) is expected to fly 12 Sport races (including three  
for the money) September 12-16, 2007.

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