Rotax Launches the 916


To absolutely no one’s surprise, the 916 broke cover today at Sun ’n Fun. Based on the 915, the turbocharged, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled 916 Rotax makes more power (160 vs 141 peak; 137 vs 135 max continuous) than its predecessor. This comes from a series of small adjustments, including a new exhaust system and revised engine mapping. More boost takes care of the rest.

For the most part, the 916 is familiar as an evolution of the 915. The key features are the same: It makes power from a geared, small-displacement four-cylinder design. It displaces just 83 cubic inches and revs to a maximum of 5800 rpm. The core engine weighs a claimed 189 pounds.

As with the 912 iS and the 915, the new engine uses a dual-channel FADEC (full authority digital engine control) that combines boost control, ignition and fuel injection so that the engine is truly single lever. There will be both fixed-pitch versions and ones that will accommodate a hydraulic constant-speed prop. There will be 12- and 24-volt versions available as well.

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