sdplanes USA Announces minisport Aircraft Kits



sdplanes USA is showcasing the sd-1 minisport single-seat sport plane as built by sdplanes USA owner John Vining. This airplane is classified as Experimental/Amateur-Built and can be flown with a Sport Pilot license. The uncomplicated nature of the plane makes it perfect for amateur construction.

The sd-1 has a maneuvering speed of 98 mph, with a maximum speed of 131 mph. The aircraft is 14.27 feet in length, with a height of 4 feet, a wingspan of 19.68 feet, and a tank capacity of 9 gallons. Maximum pilot weight is 233 pounds. It is constructed from a variety of materials including Sitca spruce, plywood, carbon fiber, extruded polystyrene, and fiberglass. Kit options range from basic materials packages to 51% quickbuild kits. Expected build time using the basic kit and plans is 800–1200 hours.


The sdplanesUSA exhibit is located near the ultralight runway in the Fun Fly Zone in booth #90. Additional information is available online at


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