See you in Sebring!


Sebring-EXPO-LogoThis week will see a flock of Light Sport Aircraft – many of them homebuilt – descending to the central plains of Florida for the annual U.S Sport Aviation Expo. Running form Wednesday (the 20th) through Saturday (the 23rd), the Expo will feature Light Sport aircraft from all over the world, as well as exhibits for avionics, engines and you name it – if it flies in the light sport world, it should be there.  Many popular kit manufacturer’s whose designs qualify as Light Sport Aircraft will be present, so if you’re in the market for a new build – and ready for a little sunshine – you might want to check it out.
Kitplanes Magazine will be represented by Editor in Chief Paul Dye and several regular authors and photographers. Dye, a former Lead Flight Director for NASA’s human spaceflight program, will be the Keynote speaker on Wednesday at 1:30. He’ll be talking about lessons learned in over three decades of spaceflight operations that can be applied to making homebuilt aircraft better and safer. He’ll also be giving a forum on Flight Testing and Risk Management on Thursday, and participate in a panel discussion on the Future of  Personal Aviation that same day.

For more information visit the Expo website.




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