Sensenich Goes Composite, Introduces New Ground-Adjustable Prop


After five years of research, development and testing, Sensenich Wood Propeller Company has announced the availability of a new ground-adjustable composite propeller. Designed with an EZ-pitch hub, the high-performance propeller will result in improved performance on Rotax-powered 912- and 914-series aircraft, says Donald Rowell, Sensenich general manager

The new propellers are manufactured hollow using carbon-fiber, prepreg fabrics in a high-temperature, internal-pressure-molded system. According to the company, this production process yields a durable, low-inertia propeller.

The propeller is designed with a swept-blade planform for maximum efficiency. The EZ-pitch hub features a pitch cam that will rotate each blade when the hub halves are loosened; no protractor is required. Only six clamping bolts need to be loosened, then the cam turned and retorqued.

Sensenich’s ground-adjustable propeller is in stock and available in 66- to 70-inch diameters. The average retail price with the co-cured nickel leading edge is $1525; without the nickel leading edge, the average price is $1400.

For more information on the new propeller, contact Sensenich at 813-752-3711 or visit


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