Sonex Aircraft Establishes Jeremy Monnett and Mike Clark Memorial Scholarships; Seeks Donations

Jeremy Monnett
Jeremy Monnett

Sonex Aircraft, in conjunction with the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation has established two scholarship programs to further the memory and legacy of lost team members Jeremy Monnett and Mike Clark. The Jeremy T. Monnett Memorial Scholarship Fund is available to graduating high school seniors from Oshkosh, WI public and private high schools who are pursuing degrees in Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or any other Aerospace-related major field of study. The Mike Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund is available to graduating high school seniors with a passion for aviation who plan to attend Clark’s alma-mater, Fox Valley Technical College’s SJ Spanbauer Center, or other colleges for a degree in the aviation field. “Both Jeremy and Mike would be so proud that their legacy will live on through the opportunity these scholarships provide,” comments Sonex Founder and President John Monnett, “With your donation, these wonderful scholarship programs will live on!”

Mike Clark
Mike Clark

Each scholarship fund will award $600 annually to a qualifying candidate, and donations are needed to maintain and expand these funds. “Sonex Aircraft is asking members of the Aviation community and residents in the Oshkosh and greater NE Wisconsin communities to contribute by submitting donations online to the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation,” remarks Sonex General Manager Mark Schaible. “Just $10,000 in total donations for each fund will allow these scholarships to exist perpetually using their own interest income to make award disbursements at $600 per year, creating a lasting legacy.” Donation levels exceeding $10k will allow the scholarships to increase award values, increase the number of recipients per year, or increase the frequency of award disbursement. If the funds continue to grow beyond those levels, fund managers may make discretionary donations to related causes or capital campaigns. All funds are held in the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation’s investment pool, and foundation committees solicit student applications and select winning scholarship candidates.

Donations may be made online at the following links:

Jeremy T. Monnett Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mike Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund

“We are so proud to have awarded over $611,000 in scholarships last year,” writes Oshkosh Area Community Foundation Board President Mark Lasky, “and the addition of these two new funds is a tremendous opportunity to honor and remember Jeremy and Mike. Their love of aviation will carry on through these scholarships.”


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