Giraldo Sonex Waiex B


At Sun ‘n Fun 2016 my father Muricio Giraldo purchased the Waiex B blueprints and in November of that year the tail kit arrived and so began the dream of building his own airplane.

He built 95% of the project but due to Covid 19 he passed away so I, Martin Giraldo his son also a pilot and aviation lover, finished the project 2 years after his death. The airplane flew on December 21, 2023. We are based in Bogotá Colombia.

—Martin Giraldo, Bogotá, Colombia



  1. Sorry for the loss of your father. Wow what a great looking bird and fitting tribute from a good son to your father that you finished it.

  2. Martin, you have fulfilled your father’s dream, and that of so many aviation enthusiasts. What a stunning example of the Sonex that I prefer.


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