STOL Drag Receives FAA National Accreditation


In 2019, STOL Drag got its start after becoming the first new race class at the Reno Air Races in almost 20 years. This May, STOL Drag Events Llc., made aviation history after receiving a National Accreditation from the Federal Aviation Administration— allowing them to take their events on the road. What is it? STOL stands for Short TakeOff/Landing— and a STOL Drag race is when two aircraft fly side-by-side as fast as they can down a 2,000-foot straightaway, land, turn around and race back to land at the finish line.

STOL Drag Events carries its own waiver and offers training to any and all new pilots looking to better themselves in Power and Energy management and Directional control. After successfully completing the training course, pilots can become an official STOL Drag race pilot with race qualifications from the FAA. STOL Drag is currently the only class at the Reno Air Races to carry its own National Accreditation.

Past and upcoming events include:

  • MayDay STOL Drags — Wayne, Nebraska, May 2021
  • National Championship Air Races — Reno, September 2021
  • Snake River STOL Drags — Ontario, Oregon, Sept.-Oct. 2021
  • World Championships at the High Sierra Fly-in — Oct. 2021


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