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In Case You Missed it

Aero ‘lectrics

Weir's wires.

Alternative Engines and the Cult of Personality

Marc Cook digs into the challenging world of automotive conversions, reporting on the converts who learned how to build these engines at the West Coast Corvair College.

MGL Infinity Singles

MGL Avionics/Stratomaster has cut a nice swath through the EFIS and discrete-electronic-instrument world. The company’s ALT-1, from its Infinity Singles line, makes a good, low-cost backup altimeter with a surprising list of features. By Marc Cook.

Roll Camera!

Leave it to Dick Starks to get his foot in the door of a movie set by supplying WW-I replica aircraft. Once there, leave it to Dick to find trouble, even when hes not looking for it. No worries, though. Alls well that ends well, and the whole experience makes for a story thatll have you laughing out loud.