Texas Sport Offers Kit Rebate


Texas Sport Aircraft Company has announced a $2500 rebate on the Texas Sport amateur-built aircraft kit, a derivative of the American Legend Cub intended for amateur aircraft builders.

The Texas Sport aircraft kit comprises four major sections: fuselage, wings, tail and firewall-forward kits. To receive the $2500 rebate, customers must purchase all four. Priced individually, the four sections normally cost $39,900. With the rebate, the base price is $37,400.

As an amateur-built aircraft, the Texas Sport requires more than 51% of fabrication to be performed by the builder. The Texas Sport kit has been carefully designed to enable the builder to assemble their aircraft using commonly available tools, the company says. The fuselage section includes a fully welded frame. The wing section includes fully assembled aluminum wing structures. No welding and no jigs are required.

The Texas Sport builder has a choice of engines and optional equipment including electrical components, instrumentation, interior and paint finishes. Texas Sport also offers a 14- or 21-day KwikBild program to assist builders with the completion of their aircraft in a factory setting.

A Texas Sport kit will be available for sale at AirVenture, and two completed aircraft will be on display at American Legend Booth numbers 222-223. The first customers completed Texas Sport, painted red and white with sunburst wings, will be on the flight line.

For further information, contact Texas Sport Aircraft Company.


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