The FAA Reopens “51% Rule” Comment Period, ends December 15


Although the first round of public comments on the proposed changes to FAA guidance on Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft was due to the FAA by September 30, 2008, the agency announced in the October 31 Federal Register that it is extending the deadline to December 15, 2008. According to the agency, the draft documents might not have been available on the FAA web site for several days during the previous comment period. At issue are dramatic changes to the FAAs guidance material that governs licensing of Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft. The FAAs draft proposal introduced a new checklist that, in the view of builders and the EAA, obfuscated compliance and would place undue burdens on legitimate amateur builders. At the release of the initial report on February 15, following the last meetings of the Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC), which is made up of FAA and industry representatives, the FAA indicated it wanted to have the subject closed late this year. However, a strong response from builders and the pilot community at Oshkosh this year was arguably a catalyst for a longer comment period. For more information, and to obtain a copy of the comment form, go to:



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