Unison Unveils Autolite XL Fine Wire Spark Plugs


Unison Industries announced its new Autolite XL Fine Wire Aviation Spark Plugs, which add to the line of general aviation spark plugs offered by Unison for years.

According to the company, the new plugs were designed with spark performance, long life and value in mind. The plug utilizes a pedestal mount for the welded side wire electrode, resulting in a projected gap design that provides a less shielded spark for improved combustion. To extend spark plug life, it contains iridium material in both the side wire electrode and the center electrode tip as well as Unisons glass seal and integral resistor. The plugs also feature a high-temperature black paint applied over nickel plating, additional corrosion protection and less maintenance over the spark plugs life.

Zouheir Abdelnour, Unisons ignition systems product line manager, says the benefits of the $72 (list price) Fine Wire plugs include much longer life, electrodes impervious to lead attack, improved scavenging and projected gap performance at a price more aircraft owners, aircraft technicians, and engine maintenance facilities can afford.

At press time, Unison expected shipments to start in the first quarter of 2005. Customers may purchase the product individually, in packages of four or 12 plugs or as part of a Slick Ignition Upgrade Kit. The plugs are well-suited for many common Experimental engines flying today.

For more information, contact Unison at 904/739-4145 or visit www.unisonindustries.com.


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