WACO Aircraft


One general aviation manufacturer on my Oshkosh must-visit list is WACO. In an age of companies searching for newer and greater designs, WACO is producing a line of biplanes focused on the pure love of flying and the beauty of aircraft. Hand-crafted and personalized in Battle Creek, MI, you can work with WACO to design and fly a pilot’s true dream airplane with classic looks incorporated with modern technologies.

For air-tour companies, the YMF-5 is the perfect candidate for giving those open cockpit biplane rides. My personal favorite is the Great Lakes. Lest we ever forget we fly because it’s fun! One of these in the hangar aims to serve as a constant reminder of that. If you’re at Oshkosh, stop by and see both the YMF-5 and the Great Lakes at the Waco booth!


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