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Amy White
From a small farming town in North Carolina, Amy discovered aviation through a Young Eagles flight in 2010. Now, she is a commercial pilot, CFI, and aviation enthusiast. She owned a Cessna 150 for 7 years and now co-owns a GlaStar. Amy is an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, stationed in the Pacific Northwest where she loves sharing photos and stories of her flying adventures.

Joining Your World

Like many, I suppose, I hadn’t intended to be part of the Experimental world.

In Case You Missed it

The Dawn Patrol

I love a parade.

Flight Review: Lancair Launches the Piston Evolution

Doug Rozendaal samples the new piston version of the Lancair Evolution and, as with the turbine Evo, finds much to admire.

Hands On: Soup to Nuts

Mike Loehle, of Loehle Aircraft, discusses the development of his aero coatings system and details some of the pre-paint prep process.

Van’s RV-12

In typical fashion, Van’s Aircraft refused to rest on its laurels after the RV-12’s prototype debut last year, and sought to improve on an already good design. The new production airplane has changed (beyond its color), with a castering nosewheel, toe brakes instead of a grip, reshaped control sticks for better clearance, ground-adjustable seats fore and aft as well as in tilt, and the list goes on. Best of all, this day/VFR machine is still a delight to fly; by Ed Kolano.