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From a small farming town in North Carolina, Amy discovered aviation through a Young Eagles flight in 2010. Now she is a commercial pilot, CFI, and aviation enthusiast. She owned a Cessna 150 for 7 years and now co-owns a GlaStar. Amy served as an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard stationed in the Pacific Northwest, and is now attending a full-time program for her A&P license in Colorado, where she and her GlaStar "Woodstock" get to enjoy the sunny weekends at high altitude.

Wrapped Up and Cozy

Continuing where I left off, I was having an internal debate on whether to stay or flee the ground of Oshkosh AirVenture with my...

Getting out of Dodge?

With the oncoming threat of severe thunderstorms Wednesday evening, many pilots are leaving the area with their aircraft for the night, or even heading...

The Seclusion Solution

How my GlaStar turned a five-hour drive into an hour.

Joining Your World

Like many, I suppose, I hadn’t intended to be part of the Experimental world.

In Case You Missed it

Maintenance Matters: Compression Testing

Checking a cylinder’s health.

Fuel Pump Replacement

I was climbing out from my home base airport in Chino, California. I noticed...

The Modern RV-10

A well-modded RV-10 points to the state of the art in homebuilt four-placers.

Black Beauty

Construction of a custom wing for a Formula 1 Cassutt.