Zenair Ships First Float Kits


Less than a year after announcing it would be returning its float production to North America, Zenair Ltd. has begun deliveries of its lightweight all-aluminum floats. Following the announcement at AirVenture 2009, design upgrades and production tooling took place last fall, including the preparation of new assembly drawings for floats sold as kits. Manufacturing of the amphibious floats started in November, with the first ready-to-assemble kit delivered in December. In early January 2010, Zenair delivered its first complete set of amphibious floats.

The production of kits and ready-to-mount floats for lightweight aircraft is up and running, says Nicolas Heintz, who is in charge of float manufacturing at Zenair. We are now finalizing drawings and tooling for our larger 1400-pound LSA floats, and should be ready to ship in early spring 2010.

Zenair Floats were first introduced in the mid-eighties and quickly set the standard for all-metal floats for ultralight aircraft, the company says. They were soon seen on early models of Quicksilver, Kolb and Lazair designs, and later on the popular STOL CH 701 aircraft. Today, Zenair floats are available in a variety of sizes (displacement) and as straight or amphibious floats (with wheels). With their generic spreader bar/mounting system, the floats will fit most light recreational aircraft, the company says.

For more information, including available sizes, kit options and prices, call 705/526-2871 or visit Zenair Ltd.


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