Zenith Aircraft Sponsors Engine Day at Oshkosh 2015


Oshkosh Engine DayOne of the best things about the Chris Heintz Zenith designs is that the airframes accept a wide range of powerplants. On Friday, July 24, from 10 am to 2 pm, the Zenith Exhibit (#640 in the North exhibit area) will host a dozen or so engines, from 80 to 150hp, that can be installed in front of the firewalls of the many Zenith designs, from touring to STOL.

Participants include Rotax, Continental, ULPower, Superior Air Parts (including their new Gemini diesel), Viking and Corvair, with others expected as well.

Whether it’s mogas, avgas, or JetA; traditional, advanced, or automotive-derived; aircooled or water; direct drive or redrive — your choice of power will be represented, with factory support available for you to make all the comparisons you’ll need to put just the right powerplant in front of your Zenith airplane.


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