Bright Idea


Our old eyes lit up when we saw Scangrip’s ( range of bright, daylight color-matched work lights in the AirVenture vendor’s hangar A.

Scangrip headlight

The I-VIEW headband lamp show here projects a wide, round, even flood of light to minimize head turning; offers variable brightness and switches on-off with a rapid hand swipe in front of the unit. It’s $89 retail.

There are also an equally high-featured pencil lamp ($49); a portable, very powerful floor-mounted flood lamp ($349) and a handheld rechargeable lamp ideal for illuminating aft fuselages and under the panel for $149. Again, brightness, evenness of coverage, and color rendition are superior.

Sorry to fuel your tool lust, but after years of horribly lit hangars we’re ready for something better!

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