Zero Gravity Builder-Assistance Facility Expands


Zero Gravity Builders Studio LLC has completed its move to a newly renovated 14,000 square foot facility with taxiway access on airport property in Richland, Washington. The new facility is more than four times larger than the previous space, allowing Zero Gravity additional elbowroom to serve its builder-assistance projects.

Specializing in high-performance Experimental aircraft, Zero Gravity says it has three Viperjet customer projects on the shop floor and will welcome a Lancair Evolution customer this spring. Although the national recession has been very hard on aviation in general, we are optimistic that the industry will rebound and pilots will continue to pursue their passion for flight, said Rob Huntington, general manager. Moving to a larger facility was really a timing issue for Zero Gravity. The building became available at a time when we were taking on more projects and needed the extra space. We have an experienced, qualified team in place to do the job, and now we have the space to help more clients complete their projects.

With the additional square footage, Zero Gravity will also be able to accept more business for the IdeaStudio, a division of Zero Gravity where prototyping assistance is available to inventors across a broad range of industries. The company also has plans to offer a larger menu of aircraft services to be announced later this year.

For more information, call 509/942-8439 or email the company.


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