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James Clark, a retired high tech executive and entrepreneur, is a commercial, instrument, and airshow pilot who currently assists individuals and corporations with technology in Experimental aircraft. He serves on several boards, include the Board of Directors of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

I Want My ADS-B!

Adding traffic and weather to a GRT EFIS. By James E. Clark.

Error Chain: Fly the Plane!

Some days, it's the little things.

In Case You Missed it

GlaStar 540 Amphibian

Because you can never have too much power. By Cameron Fraser.

Same Fun, Less Fuel

Glasair Aviation leads the way with new Diesel Sportsman 2+2.

Mike and Laura Starkey’s RANS S-21: Part 7

Let’s take a moment to catch you up on our RANS S-21 build: So...


Are they ever finished?