Aircraft Spruce Offers Plans and Materials for the Christavia


Just after we completed the final details on this years Plans Aircraft buyers guide (in this issue), we received word that Aircraft Spruce & Specialty has acquired the design rights for all three models of the Christavia aircraft. The Christavia MK-1, MK-2 and MK-4 were designed by homebuilder Ron Mason of Elmwood Aviation in Ontario, Canada.

The MK-1 is a two-place, side-by-side, high-wing airplane with a cruise speed of 105 mph; the MK-2 is two-place tandem, and the MK-4 seats four people. The original MK-1 was completed in 1982. Masons design requirements for the three versions included STOL features, small engine installation to save on fuel consumption, a low stall speed, good cruise speed, roomy cabin area and a high safety factor. He succeeded. All three versions of the Christavia are easy to fly and comfortable on long cross-country trips.

More than 1000 sets of plans for the three models have been sold, and more than 100 of those projects are now flying. Aircraft Spruce will be selling plans for all three models for $225 per set. The company also has an information package available for $10 and will be offering complete materials packages.

For more information on the Christavia designs, contact Aircraft Spruce at 951/372-9555 or visit


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