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Jerry Eichenberger is an actively practicing aviation attorney in Columbus, OH since 1975. He is also an FBO owner, commercial pilot rated for single- and multi-engine airplanes, helicopters and gliders, and is a CFII and multi-engine rated flight instructor.

Legalities of Fly-Ins

Fly-in season is coming up, but lawsuit season is year-round. By Jerry Eichenberger.


Unique aspects of insurance for homebuilts.


Protecting the builder from subsequent owners.


Selling a homebuilt. By Jerry Eichenberger.

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Build Your Skills: Composites (Part 6)

In this series installment, author Bob Fritz takes you through the basics of a three-day project you can really use: lightweight fiberglass wheel chocks. The article covers materials, cutting, patterns, foam cutting, eliminating bubbles, and pitfalls to look out for during the build; by Bob Fritz.

Design Process: Tail Surfaces

The tail of the airplane performs three functions: It stabilizes the aircraft in both...

Light Stuff

Should powered-parachute and trike pilots have the option of earning a commercial license? By Roy Beisswenger.


Longtime readers may recall that before scribbling in aviation magazines I scribbled in automotive...