American Legend Aircraft Offers Stimulus Legend Cub Pricing


American Legend Aircraft Company announced limited availability of its celebrated Legend Cub at the reduced price of $99,895. The Legend Cub is a certified Light Sport Aircraft. It will be available at the reduced price in a ready-to-fly configuration in quantities limited to the next five order positions.

The Legend Cub is an advanced aircraft based on the popular original Piper J-3 Cub. Cubs are recognized around the world and for good reason, not the least of which is their 75-plus-year history, said Kurt Sehnert, general manager. A ride in a Cub brings joy to the worried soul. A short flight to end the day is a regenerating experience unlike any other.

A variety of options are available including choice of interior, avionics, paint, engine, wheels, floats, lighting, propeller, and more. Buying a new Legend Cub with a 12-month warranty means no surprise maintenance costs.

For more information on the Legend Cub, call 903/885-7000 or visit American Legend Aircraft.

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