Steve Ells

And so we welcome another one from the “dark side” of general aviation, Steve Ells. Formerly a West Coast staffer at AOPA’s Pilot magazine, Steve’s A&P credentials and innate curiosity will help him do well with our revived Engine Beat column, which starts this month on Page 58.

Tom Kuffel

Tom is a 4000-hour CFI with land, sea and multi-engine ratings. Also licensed as a Commercial and Amateur Radio Operator since the 1950s, he has been playing with electrons almost as long as he’s been playing with airplanes. His story on building your own one-off electronic projects starts on Page 43

Rick Lindstrom

We like to think we’re more committed to our subject than most—and we’ll use Rick as an example. Not only does he have the skills to find out about alternative engines, he lives with one. Proof? A Corvair-powered Zenith presses the concrete in his workshop. This month, Rick offers up a top-line view of the alternative-engine/auto-conversion scene. His report begins on Page 17.


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