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Pole to Pole!

Around the world over both poles (part 2).

Pole to Pole!

Around the world over both poles (part 1). By Bill Harrelson.

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Aircraft Handling: What’s It Mean To You?

Two seasoned test pilots, Chuck Berthe and Ed Wischmeyer, discuss their favorite aircraft and the traits that make the aircraft endearing. They also offer a brief history of aircraft design, and discuss the payoffs and compromises inherent in any design effort. Some of their selections are surprising. a Staff Report.

2013 Plansbuilt Aircraft Buyer’s Guide

There are developments in the world of plansbuilt designs. Here’s what’s new, what’s old (but still going strong, such as the Pietenpol Air Camper) and what’s on the horizon. By Mary Bernard.

No Trip to the Mall

The homebuilt insurance shopping experience.

Leaky Static Lines

Ever wonder why static systems often start to leak after a couple of years?...