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David Boeshaar
David Boeshaar is a systems analyst for corporate Disney. A former mechanic, teacher, and computer help desk guru at a major university, he is now building a Van's RV-9A for fun with his brother-in-law. As the new guy in aviation, Dave has learned lots, both good and expensive, and hopes to pass along a little help to the builders coming up behind him.

Ten Tool Tips

I love tools. I really love tools. I give tools as wedding presents. The first gift I ever bought my wife was a set...

The New Guy

Ten riveting tips. By David Boeshaar.

Easier Panel Wiring

By David Boeshaar.

The New Guy

Getting advice from the Internet. By David Boeshaar.

The New Guy

Tips for Setting Up Shop. By David Boeshaar.

The New Guy

Wiring your Experimental aircraft. By David Boeshaar.

The New Guy

Starting Your First Project. By David Boeshaar.

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Down to Earth

How do you build and fly a homebuilt aircraft while still maintaining a good relationship with spouse and family? That is the question, and Amy Laboda offers some answers.