Easier Panel Wiring


Building a multi-part panel allows for easier maintenance and changes later on. You can remove a few screws and pull just the section of panel you need to work on.

To accomplish this, you need to make sure there is enough slack in all the wires to move the panels out. Even one wire that’s too short will cause headaches.

To make wiring easier, temporary brackets hold the left and right sections of this instrument panel a few inches in front of the actual panel frame.

To speed up the wiring process and prevent short wires, build some temporary support brackets to hold the panel far enough away from its frame that it will be easy to remove the panel later. You can make the brackets from scrap angle that has been cut to length and drilled for Clecoes to fasten into place. Precise measurements aren’t required—just eyeball it.

The temporary brackets also make it easier to bundle and anchor wires for a nice clean job before reattaching the panels to the frame.

Wiring each section away from the panel frame ensures that all wires will be long enough to make it easy to remove the sections for future maintenance.


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