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Don Ledger is a private pilot, homebuilder and writer living in Nova Scotia. His current homebuilt project is a CP 328-Super Emeraude, which he hopes to have flying in the next couple of years. He is the author of several books, including one on the SwissAir crash in Nova Scotia, written from a pilot's perspective.

Straight Floats to Amphibs

Fed up with the restrictions of being able to land on water only, builder Mervin Zinck came up with a design to add retractable gear to his floats. By Don Ledger.

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Kit Stuff

Super Legend Cub

American Legends new Super Legend is almost a clone of the ever-popular Super Cub-the company even used Pipers original drawings for some of the Legends parts. The result: a well-balanced, easy-to-fly airplane, with a kit version to be released in 2013. By Paul Bertorelli.

Europa Returns!

Europa Aircraft is gearing up for the future with new leadership, a larger, more sophisticated manufacturing facility, and a sales force on the move.