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Bruce Dunkle
Bruce Dunkle grew up building model WW-II airplanes and dreaming of flying. After earning private, commercial and instrument ratings in Alaska in 1984, the market for pilots was such that he ended up with a career in computer network engineering instead. Bruce has owned a Cessna 150 but still dreams of flying WW-II fighters. He is now in year 17 of his 12-year build of an all-wood, plansbuilt Tally-Ho 80% replica Spitfire MK1.

Lay It on Thick

Fumed silica thickens epoxy to the perfect consistency for gluing.

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Fiberglass Magic

Falco gear door project takes the mystery out of making custom parts.

Dan’s World

Columnist and RV builder Dan Checkoway advocates keeping it simple so that you can actually afford to fuel and fly your homebuilt aircraft. He claims many builders buy into the hype about the latest and greatest equipment must-haves, and then complain about the price at the pump.

Nobody Likes a Drip

Ultraviolet light helps locate oil leaks from sources that are tough to find.

Pioneer Mechanics in Aviation

A book by Giacinta Bradley Koontz covering the history of early and notable A&P mechanics. Reviewed