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Eric Stewart is designing and building the SR-1, a speed plane for setting records in the FAI c-1a/0 category (takeoff weight less than 661 pounds, including pilot and fuel). You can see more at facebook.com/TheSR1Project, including additional photos and videos of the subjects in this series of articles.

Hide the Hinge

By Eric Stewart.

Polish Makes Perfect

How to polish your plane.

Heat Shields Up!

Protecting your cowling from excess heat.

Homebuilt O2

Do-it-yourself oxygen systems for when the air gets thin.


Soaring on homebuilt wings.

Custom Fluid Lines

Doing it yourself–with professional help.

A Witch’s Brew

Liquid consumables for the shop.

Dyno Testing

Dyno testing your engine before installation can be an investment in peace of mind as well as the future value of your aircraft.

In Case You Missed it

Maintenance Matters

Spark plugs-A window into how your engine is running.

Old Dog, New Trick

I've been working on airplanes for a long time, and some things I do...

Engine Beat

Vacuum systems may be an imperfect way to power instruments, but careful monitoring and maintenance can forestall common issues. By Steve Ells.


 The X FilesChuck Bodeen's article on X-Plane was very informative, but somewhat misleading,...