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Steve Ashby is a sometime lawyer and full-time aviation aficionado from Atlanta, Georgia. He learned to fly in 1980 and has adopted a 1968 Skyhawk (your Grandma could fly it). Steve is also working on a Vans RV8-A which he swears will be completed on (a) Thursday.

Paul Kuntz Flies First U.S. Kit-built Pipistrel Sinus to AirVenture

We take it for granted that all we have to do to get the aircraft kit of our dreams is to write a big...

If the Broom Fits

I ran across Laura Wilson Pennell, a delightful volunteer this morning. It appears that she attended the Harry Potter school of flight.

Aerolite 103 OSH Build Update

Dennis Carley and Rick Hayes set out on Monday to construct an Aerolite 103 Ultralight aircraft in one week. As it turns out, it...

Lincoln Electric TIG Workshops a Big Hit

As many airshow attendees can attest, attempts to successfully complete welding seminars or workshops often result in an irreversible coma. Well-meaning instructors droning on...

Advanced Aero Components Resurrects Legendary Glasair Models

As it turns out, rumors of the death of the Glasair I, Glasair II and Glasair III are greatly exaggerated. It is true that...

Van’s RV-9A Earth-Rounder at Airventure

As we all know, just about all pilots of any renown congregate in the little town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin during the last week in...

Young Aviation Entrepreneur Building His Business at Oshkosh

EAA has a long tradition of incubating entrepreneurship, helping to build an industry that never existed before Paul and Audrey Poberezny opened up their...

Aerolite 103 Building an Ultralight At OSH In One Week

Several months ago, Mark Solper, the head of EAA’s ultralight council, wanted to plan something for AirVenture to highlight the fun and simplicity of...

The Unofficial Diner of AirVenture

Many of the attendees camping at AirVenture are challenged for ground transportation—a plight that can severely restrict gastronomic options for the duration of the...

Return to OSH

Duane Huff garnered fame (if not fortune) when he fully restored a beautiful 1947 Aeronca Chief and flew it from Lawrenceville, Georgia to Oshkosh...

In Case You Missed it

Alpi Pioneer 400T

Pioneering spirit-Italian design. By Geoff Jones.

Light Stuff

Dave Martin and company owner Randy Schlitter wring out the RANS S-6 LSA.

Wire Science

Practical electrical.


Paisely on GroundsAfter a 30-year career encompassing motorcycles, oilfield perforating trucks, and now oilfield...