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Steve Ashby is a sometime lawyer and full-time aviation aficionado from Atlanta, Georgia. He learned to fly in 1980 and has adopted a 1968 Skyhawk (your Grandma could fly it). Steve is also working on a Van's RV-8A which he swears will be completed on (a) Thursday.

Electrolite—the Hyper STOL Ultralight

If there is any doubt that aerodynamic innovation exists in the realm of ultralights, all one needs to do is look at what Aeromarine...

Build Your Own Airport

It’s the great American pilot’s dream—build your own airplane and then build a grass strip from which to fly it. As Gary Stevens related...

Pilgrimage to Pioneer Field

For many travelers, Saturday will be their last day of AirVenture. Even though they have been here all week, they wake up with the...

The Spirit of the Pancake Breakfast is Alive at AirVenture

If you think that AirVenture is too big and too commercial, and if you pine for the grassroots spirit of the local EAA chapter...

Aircraft Specialty Flightlines Debuts at AirVenture

When industrial hydraulic lines technician Tom Swearengen was fabricating fluid lines for companies operating big manufacturing machines in Beaufort, South Carolina years ago, little...

Homebuilder Flies RV-9A from Wisconsin to Rio

When Guil Barros finished his beautiful RV-9A in 2018, he naturally brought it to AirVenture the first chance he got. Continental Motors took one...

Airbus Partners with TangoFlight to Build RV-12s and Mentor Students

Airline industry giant, Airbus Americas, Inc. has been partnering with aviation curriculum non-profit TangoFlight to build Van's RV-12 aircraft and to build the lives...

Van’s Aircraft Responds to COVID-19 Challenges

Greg Hughes Rian Johnson presented their frank assessment of the company’s response to cataclysmic changes over the past two years.

Van’s Redesigns FAB Airbox for Carbureted Models

Rian Johnson, President and Chief Technical Officer at Van’s Aircraft, is a hands-on kind of leader. Not many people know it, but Rian build...

Resurrected Helicycle Appears at AirVenture

The Helicycle is back and a New Mexico company is selling kits.

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Tech Tip: Tailwheel Tune-Up

Keeping your plane on the straight and narrow.

Hot Over Warming Up

To warm up or coldly go into the takeoff?

Error Chain

Aeronautical decision making—it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Flight Review: Horse Perennial

LeRoy Cook flies Larry Kinder's award-winning Mustang II, a fast and fun homage to the legendary P-51 Mustang.