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Zenith CH 750 Kit Is NKET Compliant

Zenith Aircraft reported that its CH 750 kit aircraft has cleared evaluation by the newly formed NKET (National Kit Evaluation Team) as compliant with Experimental/Amateur-Built rules. That is, the kit, introduced after the moratorium on kit evaluations in early 2008, leaves the major portion of the work to the builder.

According to Zenith, the FAAs four-man team spent two days evaluating kit components and documents. While it is not required that kits be on the so-called 51% List to be eligible for construction and registration as an E/AB aircraft, pre-approval is a benefit to the builder and to the inspector signing off the airplane. In essence, the kit has been vetted and found to fit the rules.

Zeniths staff members said they were pleased. Based on the FAAs on-site inspections and our discussions, the STOL CH 750 kit will be added to the FAA list of eligible aircraft kits, said Zenith Aircraft President Sebastien Heintz.

The NKET was established with the revisions in the rules governing E/AB aircraft last summer as a response to complaints that the previous system was too subjective and inconsistent. All new kits will be evaluated by the same four-member NKET team. For more, visit www.zenithair.com.

Sportys Launches E6B App

The latest version of Sportys best-selling Electronic E6B is now available for Apples iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This app includes all the features of the traditional E6B: 23 aviation functions, 14 conversions and a timer.

The user-friendly design makes calculations fast and easy. Each function can be selected from a list, and the app prompts the user for required information. Entries are saved from previous calculations, so there’s no need to re-enter data. Calculating weight and balance is especially easy, with a dedicated page for adding new passengers, fuel or baggage, Sportys says.

Sportys E6B app makes quick work of navigational, weight and balance, or fuel problems. While its useful to student pilots, it includes features for experienced pilots such as Top of Descent, Specific Range and Required Rate of Climb. The timer can be set to count up or count down, so it is perfect for timing approaches, holds or for switching fuel tanks. A clock function shows home, local and Zulu time.

Sportys E6B app is available for $4.99 at sportys.com/apps. Sportys traditional Electronic E6B Flight computer is available in pocket size [9834A] for $69.95 and in a flat version that fits in Jeppesen, FAA and three-ring binders [3777A] for $79.95.

Inogen: Aviator Oxygen Without a Bottle

Pilots agree that using supplemental oxygen is a good idea, even below the FAAs mandated requirements. But carrying a system can be a pain, in addition to the need for periodic refilling.

Inogens solution is a bottle-less system that works like this, according to the company: Air is compressed and fed into molecular sieve beds that separate the oxygen and nitrogen in the air through a process called Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). The purified oxygen is delivered to a pilot, and the nitrogen is exhausted out of the Aviator into the atmosphere. The system provides near-sea-level oxygen saturation levels up to 12,500 feet.

The 7.5-pound Inogen Aviator package includes a nasal cannula with flow indicator, a rechargeable battery (good for up to 3 hours) as well as a 12-volt adapter and a carrying case. The complete package sells for $2995. For more information, call 805-310-6339 or visit www.inogen.net.



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