AvMap Announces EngiBOX EMS for Rotax Engines


AvMap EngiBOX EMSAvMap, an Italian manufacturer of avionics, has introduced EngiBOX, an engine monitor designed specifically for Rotax aircraft engines. Fitting in a standard 3 1/8-inch panel hole, and weighing only 8.8 ounces, EngiBOX displays: exhaust gas temperature, revolutions per minute, manifold pressure, oil pressure, oil/air temperature, and cylinder head temperature/coolant temperature. All engine parameters are updated five times per second, and 160 hours of data are recorded in internal memory.

Other features include a wizard to initialize the engine, a graph page to analyze performance of each engine parameter, and a clock page to show flight time, engine lifetime, and time since last overhaul. All parameters can be displayed in graphic or numeric format. EngiBOX is priced at $899, and additional information is available at avionics.avmap.it/en/products/engibox.


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