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Kuntzleman Electronics has announced some additions to its line of anti-collision strobe and LED position lights. The round tail light with strobe (TL-STR) weighs 4 ounces, mounts vertically or horizontally in a 2- or 1.4-inch hole (depending on whether its on center or a diagonal centered hole) and requires a separate strobe driver. The price is $90. A round tail light with LED (TL-LED) weighs 2.6 ounces, with an exposed height of 1.4 inches. No center hole is needed for mounting, and it draws 0.3 amps at 14 VDC. The price is $90. The round combo tail light with LED and strobe weighs 4 ounces, can be mounted much the same as the round tail light with strobe, and requires a separate strobe driver. The price is $130.

For more information, call 610/326-9068, or visit the web at http://www.kestrobes.com/. A direct link can be found at http://www.kitplanes.com/ .


Prox-Tech, the North American distributor for Proxxon tools, announced that it is now offering a new micro belt sander. With a sanding belt located flush on the left side, the sander allows surfaces to be sanded “right down to the corner,” the company says. A fine adjustment for the rollers also prevents the belt from running off the side. A spring clamping system eases the replacement of belts without tools, and the sander is packed in a sturdy plastic carrying case with five each of 120-grit and 240-grit belts.

The sanding belt measures approximately 1.5 by 10.5 inches, with a sanding surface of approximately 2.3 by 1.5 inches. Belt speed is 525 fpm, and the sander weighs 1.54 pounds.

The price is $155. For more information, call 828/326-0326 or visit the web at www.proxxon.com/us. A direct link can be found at http://www.kitplanes.com/.


TCW Technologies Safety-Trim offers an electronic speed control system for standard electric servos found on many homebuilts. It can replace other controllers and relay modules with an electronic solution that may resolve issues such as runaway trim or failure-to-operate conditions. The unit also simplifies trim switch wiring, especially for pilot and co-pilot switches, the company says.

Features include: a reverse function switch that allows the pilot to recover from a stuck or failed trim switch, short-circuit-proof design, one-axis, two-axis or two-speed preset models, and servo travel limited to 3 seconds per trim switch actuation. This unit is for Experimental aircraft only and has not been TSOd.

Prices range from $285-$445. For more information, call 610/390-7195 or visit the web at www.tcwtech.com. A direct link can be found at http://www.kitplanes.com/


Aircraft Spruce now offers a 1:32 scale model replica of the Cozy Mark IV Experimental aircraft. Manufactured from composite resins, the model is sure to hold its shape, and starting from a CNC-machined master copy developed from plans ensures adherence to the specifications of the original design. Production copies were cast in special tooling and are hand-finished for accuracy.

The model features a retractable nosegear, painted propeller and night lights. No assembly is required. The wingspan is 10.5 inches, and the model stands 3.6 inches high, perfect for any shelf or desktop.

The price is $95. For more information, call 877/477-7823, or visit the web at www.aircraftspruce.com A direct link can be found at http://www.kitplanes.com/.


Rollison Light Sport Aircraft has recently announced that the Eurofox SLSA is now available as a taildragger. Previously it had only been available in the U.S. and Canada in a trigear configuration, though the taildragger has been available in Europe for many years. The 2007 version features a redesigned composite main landing gear with wide-spaced wheels to help crosswind landings and takeoffs, also enhancing ground handling.

The company says that as taildraggers go, the forward visibility is very good, and with the clear polycarbonate doors, the side visibility is exceptional. The Eurofox also features a dual toe brake system and larger, heavier duty tires, which allow the plane to fly into some areas others may not be able to access. The wings may also be folded for storage or transport.

For more information and pricing, call 812/384-4972, or visit the web at www.eurofox-usa.com. A direct link can be found at www.kitplanes.com.


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