Beringer's New Products to be Introduced at AirVenture


Beringer Aero will host a press conference at AirVenture with footage of the Alaskan LG Drop tests on Tuesday, 25th at 9:30 at the Media Center and an Aero Breakfast on Wednesday, July 26th from 8:30 to 10:30 at booth #437 to introduce new products:

6″ HL wheel/brake for >4500 lb single and twin engine aircraft

4-piston brake caliper and high strength brake disc for increased braking torque and great braking power.

​6″ LE wheel/brake certified for two-seater <2500 lb Aircraft

This new tubeless wheel with brake was designed specifically for 2 seater aircraft <2500 lb, helping to reduce the weight with a 2 piston brake caliper and a stainless steel brake disc (7.13 Lb wheel/brake) .

Anti-roll system on the Alaskan Landing Gear

New innovation on the latest development phase of the Alaskan Landing Gear.

: the ultralight bush tire produced in Alaska for Beringer

The low pressure Alaskan Bush Tire, built in Alaska specifically for LSA and ultralight Aircraft is now available in 29″ and 26″.

It allows smooth landing on any terrain. Features : Kevlar cording–re-engineered sidewalls that provide the ideal flex and energy absorption for lighter aircraft.

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