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Ron Wanttaja is a systems engineer, engaged in satellite orbit/constellation design and analysis, launch vehicle and onboard propulsion system trades, and operations concepts for space systems. He worked on the early design studies for the International Space Station.

Homebuilt Accidents: Fire!

Quite possibly, your eyes glazed over‭ ‬a bit when you saw the title of this‭ ‬article‭. ‬Quite possibly‭, ‬you’re poised to skim forward a few pages and give this article a pass‭.‬ I wouldn’t blame you‭.‬ Aircraft fires‮—‬both after an accident‭ ‬and‭, ‬especially‭, ‬in flight‮—‬have never‭ ‬been pilots’‭ ‬favorite topics‭. ‬It was especially feared in […]

Homebuilt Accidents: Focus on Van’s

The RV series has an excellent safety record.

Homebuilt Accidents: BuzzKill

Crashes while maneuvering at low altitude have a high mortality rate.

Homebuilt Accidents: Fatal Factors

Pilot decision-making is a greater factor in fatal accidents.

Homebuilt Accidents: Evaluating Engines

Statistics show traditional certified engines have the best reliability.

Buying Trouble-Purchased Homebuilt Accident Rates

Up to half the homebuilt fleet is owned by non-builders.

Homebuilt Accidents-First Flights

Builder error is a major factor in first-flight accidents.

Homebuilt Accidents: Pilot Error

The fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves.

Homebuilt Accidents-When the Prop Stops

Too many accidents start with a stoppage.

Homebuilt Accidents: Comparing the Causes

Do certified aircraft have different types of accidents than Experimentals?

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