Beyerdynamic HS 400 Standard and Rotor Headsets


Beyerdynamic of Germany presents its new aviation headsets, the HS 400 Signum and HS 400 Rotor. The HS 400 Signum is the standard version with double jack plugs, and the HS 400 Rotor is the helicopter version with a coiled cable and a single U-174/U jack plug. These two new headsets have been developed with the goal to provide the best passive noise attenuation of the category.

The HS 400 comes with a newly developed smart audio box to which MP3 players or mobile phones may be connected. There are two volume controls, a mono/stereo switch and an auto-mute function that mutes the music during incoming radio messages. For comfort’s sake, the headsets’ light weight, 11 ounces, is combined with moderate pressure and soft skin ear pads with viscoelastic filling. The ear cups come in silver metallic, with black anodized metal parts to complete the look.

MSRP is $429. The HS 400 can be purchased through the dealer network or a customized version with a choice of colors and personalized laser engraving can be ordered online via MANUFAKTUR at


  1. I have a HS 400 head set the speakers are working but out put and in put not working on controller. The on and off switch also shows light on and auto mute also on. Please advise if can get new controller for this hs 400


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