Beyerdynamic Introduces HS 600 Digital ANR Headset


Beyerdynamic debuted its new HS 600 DANR (Digital Adaptive Noise Reduction) headset at AirVenture, offering a discount to the first 50 “test pilots.” Using proprietary software, a microprocessor in the headset adapts to the noise level in the cockpit and reduces background noise. The digital design will allow product updates to be accomplished as needed.

Alan Feckanin, Beyerdynamics business unit manager for the Aviation Division, explained: When you first turn the unit on, you don’t hear that typical ANR unit sound. Its quiet and waiting to hear noise first. It also comes with an audio box with an MP3/cell phone interface. The unit may be powered from the panel, using a two-wire, three-pin cable (included), or from two AA batteries, which will be good for approximately 25 hours of use.

Feckanin added that the show price of $599 was available to the first 50 test pilots to get pilot feedback on the units; they may be purchased directly from the company. After the release date, estimated for October 1, the headsets will be available for approximately $699-$749. He noted that the 11-ounce headsets design had its genesis in the audio studio, where earcup and headband comfort was paramount for the audio engineers who wore them for many hours at a time.

The HS 600 DANR carries a five-year parts and labor warranty, and the German-manufactured units may be serviced in the U.S.

Beyerdynamic plans to offer the Manufaktur-Build Your Own program for the HS 600 DANR in the near future. Using the wizard on the company’s web site (, you can select the color of the ear cups, ear pads, headband and aluminum design parts. You may also have text printed onto a metal plate on the headset.

For more information, call 239/283-7880 or visit the web site.
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