Chelton Aviation Adds Altitude Preselect to Autopilot



Less than a year after introducing its AP-3C general avaition autopilot, Chelton Aviation has enhanced its product by making it the first GA autopilot for provide altitude pre-select without the addition of extra boxes. Pilots can now scroll in their assigned altitude, establish a rate of climb or descent and te AP-3C will take the aicraft to that altitude, level off and then hold the altitude.

All existing installations can be retrofitted with a new chip by sending the unit to the factory for a one-day turnaround. The upgrade is free.

According the the company, Chelton is the first to offer coupled digital vertical nav steering (VNAV), and the AP-3C responds positively to turbulence induced fluctuations because altitude holding is based on an attitude gyro instead of vertical rate change. Based on only three components instead of the usual six for similar functions, the Cheton autopilot uses an electo-magnetic friction clutch instead of disengagement gears, rendering the servos adjustment-free.

Cost for a new system is $11,000. For more information, visit or call 940/320-3330.


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