Commuter Craft Now Taking Deposits


Richard Hogan’s Commuter Craft Innovator, which attracted crowds recently at the Sport Aviation Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, is on display at Sun ‘n Fun this week and continues to attract the curious. The experimental canard airplane, which has been in development for a few years, first flew last September and now has about 30 hours on it, Hogan said. It has a 60-inch-wide cockpit, a twin tail with a boom, and a three-surface design that Hogan says is stall-proof and spin resistant. All of those qualities appeal to new pilots, Hogan said. The company is working on a builder-assist center in Cartersville, Georgia, where buyers will be able to take delivery of their kit. Hogan said he hopes to start deliveries in the second half of 2017.

Hogan said he has started to take $500 deposits from buyers, which is enough to reserve a position and lock down a price. As of early this week, he had 27 deposits, he said. The base kit, not counting engine, prop or avionics, runs about $50,000. Hogan said he’s also working to create a builder mentor program to help ensure buyers make steady progress on their aircraft. Eventually he hopes to produce an LSA version of the airplane. AVweb’s editorial director Paul Bertorelli shot video of the airplane at Sebring.

Commuter Craft Innovator
Commuter Craft Innovator
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