ULPower Tempts Builders With “Shirts for a Snap” Micro Event


Mid-day Saturday found a small frenzy around the ULPower Engines booth. For several hours, their branded T shirts were being handed out for the price of having a picture taken while holding up the shirt.

ULPower has announced a slight reorganization of its sales and tech support for the US locations. Ray Lawrence from Kaolin Aviation Services in Georgia and Herman Eshuis from Wheels and Wings in Florida will provide sales and tech services for American ULPower engines customers. They have previously been serving these markets and are now the sole providers and main contacts. They can be reached at [email protected]  and [email protected].

ULPower supplies engines for the light plane market. These engines feature air cooling, fuel injection, direct drive, and fadec control. Nine engine models range from 97 to 220 HP.


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