Comp Air Inventory Reduction Sale


Comp Air Aviation is offering three aircraft in various stages of completion in its year-end inventory reduction sale. They are a Comp Air 8 and two Comp Air 8SS52 models.

The Comp Air 8 kit is selling for $60,000, discounted from the retail price of $98,745. The company says three quarters of the finish work is done. The doors, horizontal stabilizer and windows are installed except for the windshield. The fuselage quickbuild is also done.

One Comp Air 8SS52 is being offered for $80,000, discounted from its retail price of $106,000. The other is $50,000, discounted from its normal price of $96,000. On this one, no builder assistance is offered other than the quickbuild on the fuselage.

For more information, call Ron Lueck or Bill Fedorko at 321/452-7168 or visit Comp Air Inc.


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