Susan Brunner
Susan Brunner was nosing around her local airport one day when she started wondering how all of those beautiful homebuilt airplane paint jobs she saw were achieved. So she asked-both builders and shops-and what she found out could help all of us who may work with a paint shop one day. As you would expect, effective communication is important, but there’s more to the story, which begins on Page 22.

Dave Prizio

Education is a wondrous thing, agrees new contributor Dave Prizio. Fans of the GlaStar design will recognize the name-Dave was, until recently, the president of the GlaStar & Sportsman Association International. His latest project, after building a GlaStar and a Sportsman, is a Texas Sport Cub LSA. (Look for that build series to start next year.) His review of the Jabiru engine maintenance course begins on Page 28.

 Ken Scott

At the beginning of every Mission: Impossible episode, just before the miniature reel-to-reel tape smokes itself into oblivion, Jim Phelps is warned, …the administrator will disavow any knowledge of your actions. So it might as well be with The Plane that Kens Built-the original KK-1 design created and constructed by Vans Aircraft employees Ken Scott and Ken Krueger. This cool project, the first part of which is detailed on Page 16, is, were told, absolutely, positively not the RV-13, 14 or 15. No, really.


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