Julia Downie

Once a year we take the opportunity to publicly thank the hard-working Julia Downie for her tireless efforts in collecting and organizing our aircraft directory issues. Perhaps thats not often enough, as the task of gathering and maintaining a massive database is practically a full-time effort. Over the years, Julia has helped our directory keep pace with the industry, no small feat. The first of our annual directories, for kits, begins on Page 36.

Rick Lindstrom

Our resident Zenith builder provides the seventh installation in the six-part series this month. Really. We thought he was done last month, but it turns out that homebuilts are never really done, and Rick had a few things to add about the long-distance building process generally and the Corvair-powered 601s trip home in particular. His story starts on Page 16.


Ed Wischmeyer

Wed like to take this space to wish our erstwhile Tech Ed all the best in his new job with Rockwell Collins as a Principal Systems Engineer. His move to Iowa should be complete by the time you read this-though no guarantee all his boxes will be unpacked. Well have to move on without his expertise until he gets fully acclimated to his new job. But, he says, hell be back.

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