Susan Brunner

Susan spent seven years with her husband building their Lancair IV-P. Her administrative expertise was invaluable for Internet searches and acquisition of parts during the build process. Her AutoCAD skills and education as a draftsman made designing the nosegear landing light and the paint scheme easier. She was co-writer and presenter of the 2007 Golden West EAA forum “Can Building Your Plane Be a Family Affair?” Her story begins on Page 21.

 Steve Whitson

Rotorhead Whitson, most recently a stalwart at Private Pilot magazine, put his piloting skills to the test at the RotorWay factory in Chandler, Arizona. Although it had been awhile since hed seen action in a RotorWay, Steve acquitted himself well in the company’s new A600 Talon. His flight review begins on Page 8.

Tom Wilson

KITPLANES newcomer Wilson has more than 25 years experience writing about high-performance technical matters, mainly in the automotive realm-well forgive him for now. His aviation experience started as a line-boy while in high school but now includes flying a raggedy 540-powered Starduster Too. He hopes to eventually afford avgas. (Dont we all?) His story, which includes some great on-site photography, begins on Page 16.


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