Control Visions AnywhereMap Available for $95


Control Vision, makers of the AnywhereMap, AnywhereWx, Pocket Plates and Anywhere EFB portable navigation systems announced a new low price on its award-winning AnywhereMap software.

Pilots who use handheld computers (Pocket PCs, PDAs and PDA/phones) can now add fully functional moving map navigation software to their units for only $95 including six months of updates. This is not a pared-down version of the software-it is the complete moving map system with flight planning, en route flight management, patented Cones of Safety, Emergency Mode, terrain, obstacles and lots of additional features. AnywhereMap is navigation made easy since it uses the familiar Windows software interface.

Simply add a GPS receiver, and you’re up and running. Need the GPS too? Control Visions kit, which includes the software, Bluetooth GPS10, power cord and mount, costs $345. That, plus your PDA, is everything you need for a pocket moving map.

Additionally, AnywhereMaps web site is now up and running; customers get an airport directory that they can update directly to the AnywhereMaps database. And, the directory includes current


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