Cub Crafters Introduces Super Sport Cub


Based on the Sport Cub S2, the new Cub Crafters Super Sport Cub turns its performance up to 11 by using an Engine Components O-340 four-cylinder engine. Rated at a maximum of 180 horsepower, in the ready-to-fly Super Sport Cub, the engine is derated to a maximum of 80 hp continuously. The company claims that the excess power benefits takeoff and initial climb, while the 80-hp restriction minds the LSA limit of 138 mph CAS at sea level and maximum-continuous power.Placing a large engine in an LSA and meeting weight goals is always difficult, so Cub Crafters built a special induction manifold and oil sump, which along with lightweight electronic ignition and a special exhaust system, keeps the empty weight at 880 pounds. According to the company, the special O-340 weighs 242 pounds, just 31 more than the 100-hp Continental O-200 used in the S2.According to the company, the Super Sport Cub is capable of 110-mph cruise on 5 gallons per hour, and 120-mph cruise on 6 gph. Standard fuel capacity is 25 gallons in dual wing tanks. Base price for the Super Sport Cub is $163,280.For more information, visit Cub Crafters.


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